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  • Dec 2021 - June 2023
    Senior Software Engineer
    Worked as a full stack engineer on Apple device management software (MDM). Built highly scaled real-time vulnerability detection and reporting software for macOS which detected CVEs on devices on Kandji device fleets. Also built an internal real-time messaging system for communication to devices. Worked on small team of 5 engineers.

    Vulnerability Detection Project - Reporting and monitoring of vulnerabilities on devices managed by Kandji. Mapped application installations to CVEs.

    • Built logic to map application data to CVEs for each device.
    • Utilized Kafka for receiving application data from devices. Optimized number of partitions for the Kafka topic and handled consumer scaling.
    • Lead Postgres design to make sure project was scalable for tables with millions of rows by defining tables columns, using appropriate indices based on queries, and using features of Postgres for maintaining appropriate speed of large tables (partitioning using inheritance) with multiple clients data.
    • Wrote a service that periodically ingested data from the NVD API for vulnerability information and stored this in our own database.
    • Built the gRPC API for this project which device vulnerability information was queried from.
    • Built a background task processing system for our service using Kombu and RabbitMQ.
    • Worked on the frontend for features such as preventing certain vulnerabilities from being displayed.
    • Had a lead role in developing and maintaining the project. Implemented testing and monitoring to ensure reliability and availability.

    Device Communication Project - MQTT based device messaging system

    • Built a REST service (Flask) in Python to administer AWS IoT credentials for devices. Utilized AWS IoT SDK. Handled large number of device enrollments during company onboardings.
    • Built a gRPC service in Python to publish messages to AWS IoT MQTT broker on behalf of internal teams. Ensured millisecond publishing times under heavy loads with autoscaling of the service.
    • Had a lead role in developing and maintaining the project. Implemented testing and monitoring to ensure reliability and availability.

  • Aug 2020 - Dec 2021
    Backend Engineer
    Worked as a Backend engineer for company that used AI to optimize industrial processes and allow for centralization and visualization of data. Worked on infrastructure and features for data visualization.

    Backend Engineer

    • Gained fluency in Django and DRF (Django Rest Framework) to be able to make the models, serializers, and views as needed for the backend.
    • Made a template system for new clients to submit their data and use case to automate setup.
    • Worked on features of data visualization and refactored existing features.
    • Created a user permission system.
    • Supported deployment of machine learning models for clients.
    • Managed multiple SQL/NoSQL database systems (PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MySQL) for 10+ clients. This included doing heavy work on migrating databases via Django's migration system. Wrote scripts and deployed infrastructure for data ingestion into these databases from uploaded client data.
    • Was an administrator of our GCP project, which was used to host our Kubernetes clusters (GKE) as well as various VM instances and Google App Engine for a microservice infrastructure. Built a general competency of cloud computing usage.
    • Worked on the CI/CD deployment pipeline which consisted of Jenkins and Ansible.
    • Set up Airflow to handle importing back ups of production databases onto our staging servers.
    • Learned React during the job and completed multiple full stack projects (2FA, user file upload system, fixing frontend runtime issues caused by Moment.js)


  • Fall 2018 - Fall 2021
    University of California, Berkeley
    Data Science
    • CS 61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
    • CS 61B: Data Structures
    • CS 61C: Great Ideas in Computer Architecture
    • CS 70: Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory
    • CS 188: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
    • CS 186: Introduction to Database Systems
    • Data 100: Principles and Techniques of Data Science
    • Data C102: Data, Inference, and Decisions


  • May 2016
    Marin Music Chest
    ​The Marin Music Chest provides financial support and performance opportunities to talented, promising, young Marin County students of classical music and, when possible, ​assists other non-profit organizations with similar goals.


Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript, SQL, PHP, Go, C, C++, Java, RISC-V
gRPC, MQTT, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Django/DRF, React/Redux, Bootstrap, jQuery, SQLAlchemy
Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Airflow, Jenkins, Codefresh, Argo CD, Helm, Datadog, Terraform
PostgreSQL, MySQL, Cassandra, Redis, SQLite, S3
Game Development
Graphic Design




Playing piano (mostly classical)
Music production
Gaming/game development